Den Holson
All They Do
All They Do

Daybreak, all alone again and feeling low.
Sadie, said she couldn't take it, had to go.
Left last night...
- said my heart was bleak and black
- shouldn't think that she'd be back
- only loved her in the sack...
- Ah, but I told you, Sadie:
I'm not much with loving words,
sweet romancing's for the birds.
- Not doing warm and dreamy
when all they do is leave me...

Ellie, can't believe you
slipped away like that.
Standing like a fool
outside an empty flat.
Line's gone dead,
- got no way to talk to you
- keep on trying can't get through
- don't know what there's left to do
- Where did you get to Ellie?
Next door neighbour says you've flown,
has no notion where you've gone.
- No wonder I get crazy
When all they do is leave me...

Stranded, by the roadside
in the dark and cold...
Tail lights, disappearing down
the snow-lined road...
Rosalyn, guess you're telling me
we're through,
but I haven't got a clue,
what it is I did to you,
to make you dump me like this - oh,
lost an hour away from town,
wishing you would turn around.
- I've lost another lady
Why do they always leave me?
Lyrics Credits: Den Holson
Music Credits: Den Holson
Producer Credits: Rico Franchi
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: Den Holson
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Song Length: 4:09
Primary Genre: Rock-General
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