Den Holson
Each Time
Each time is like the first time,
waking up in bed beside you,
long curls across the pillow,
warm feeling welling up inside me...
I never thought that love would find me,
but when I met you I fell,
just a glance in those laughing eyes,
and baby, I was lost to its spell...

Each touch is like a first touch,
sensations burning up our fingers.
Each kiss is like a first kiss
soft promises that tease and linger.
I never thought that love could fill me,
but now the song has begun,
I keep hearing the sweetest music,
whenever you are around, darling...

Each smile is like a sunrise,
mist breaking up to let the dawn in.
Each day is like a new day,
each moment is a new beginning.
I never thought that love would hold me,
but when I saw you I knew,
all I wanted was to stay forever,
and wake each morning with you...

Waking beside you is all that I ever wanted,
waking beside you is all that I ever needed,
feels like I'm dreaming baby, walking on air,
each time I wake up, and you're there...
Lyrics Credits: Den Holson
Music Credits: Den Holson
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Performance Credits: Den Holson
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Song Length: 3:44
Primary Genre: Pop-General
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