Den Holson
Just Another Day
Just Another Day

Lying awake till the sun
casts its first lonely ray
- just another day.
Living on cold beans and coffee
as time ticks away
- just another day.
Just another morning of turning
your face from my eyes...
Just another evening of bringing
it back to the light...
- Just another day.

Staring at nothing, remembering
things you would say
- just another day.
Giving your jersey a nuzzle,
your playlists a play
- just another day.
Just another call on our landline
to hear you say hi...
Just another moment of wishing
and wondering why...
- Just another day.

Fingering tunes, trying to
pick my way out of the grey
- just another day.
Making up songs that can't quite
keep the darkness away
- just another day.
Just another hour thinking maybe
I'll head down the street,
busk away my sorrows tomorrow
(or maybe next week)
- Just another day.

Just another day...
Lyrics Credits: Den Holson
Music Credits: Den Holson
Producer Credits: Rico Franchi
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: Den Holson
Label Credits:
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Song Length: 3:32
Primary Genre: Rock-General
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