Den Holson

Everybody's down on me,
telling me to grow.
Find out what I want to be,
saying my friends all know.
Sing out on this old guitar to stop them goin' on.
No one wants to hear that sound,
they say I'm going wrong oh, bad seed going wrong...

Jo brought beer and sympathy,
said misfits have more fun,
ran her fingers up my strings,
breathed what will come will come...
Asked her if she'd maybe like to help me shake it free,
but she's more into girls, it seems,
so that can never be, no, never ever be...

Don't know what they want from me,
got me feeling low,
on my case from dawn to dusk,
why I just don't know...
I don't care much really, only wish they'd leave me be.
Let me work out what I feel
and maybe shake it free oh, find the key to me...
Lyrics Credits: Den Holson
Music Credits: Den Holson
Producer Credits: Rico Franchi
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: Den Holson
Label Credits:
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Story Behind the Song:
Song Length: 2:22
Primary Genre: Rock-General
Secondary Genre: -