Den Holson
Bulletproof: A Rock Opera

Bulletproof is an opera of rock, pop and folk songs whose words tell a story - an upbeat tale, pretty much, but with sad bits too. Look out for a wistful teen alone in a room with an old guitar, a rocker shooting pills and thrills and girls he's scared to love, a babe in arms bereft and lost for words, a mother's ghost who comes in a dream to heal a broken heart, the rise and rise and fall of Lady Wonder, love on the couch at a quarter past three, and a final, musical, time tapping kiss on the languorous lips of forever.

1: Key
2: Dream On
3: I Can't Tell Her
4: My Time Is Now
5: Busking Boys Set 1 and 2
6: Melissa (song attempt)
7: Fire
8: Junk Angel
9: New Sun Rising
10: All They Do
11: Bulletproof
12: What They All Do
13: Lost For Words
14: First Love
15: Make My Own Way Through
16: She's The One Set 1 and 2
17: Living Is Easy With You
18: The Last I Heard Her Say
19: Bulletproof Reprise 1
20: What's Tomorrow
21: Just Another Day
22: Bulletproof Reprise 2
23: If You Follow Me
24: Leftover Songs
25: Living Was Easy With You